Hamann Bentley Continental GT, GTC, GT Speed 12 BGT 300 IMPERATOR Wide Body




Hamann Bentley Continental GT, GTC, GT Speed 12 BGT 300 IMPERATOR Wide Body

w 22″ Anniversary Race


HAMANN Wide Body For BENTLEY Continental GT/GTC/GTS Wide Body ” Imperator ” ( front bumper spoiler incl. 4 LED daytime running lights + side skirts + fender extensions 8 pcs + rear bumper spoiler incl. diffeuser + rear spoiler + anniversary race f: 10.5×22 w/ 265/35 22 & r: 11.0×22 w/ 305/30 22


All over the world, the company HAMANN -Motorsport is renowned for refining luxury cars. With the new programme for the Continental GT and Continental GT Speed by the English manufacturer Bentley, the  company located in Laupheim once again confirms that it is the first choice when it comes to sportive accessories and breathtaking body design for luxury car models.

Optimized aerodynamics in perfect quality

-designers completely,reconstructed the front of the four-seater. Larger air inlets in connection with perfectly integrated daytime running lights give the Bentley an even more dynamic face. Additionally, the newly designed front optimises the air flow and therefore reduces the lifting forces at the front axle. Impressive extensions at the front and rear wings broaden the

HAMANN side skirts were modelled in such a way that they calm the air flow at the side sand make the noble sports car look even lower and more elongated. In order to reduce the lifting forces at the rear axle, the HAMANN technicians fitted an elegant spoiler on the original boot lid of the Bentley and combined it with a diffuser rear skirt for additional down thrust.

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