2015 MANSORY Bentley Flying Spur at 66th IAA Auto Show


MANSORY Bentley Flying Spur

MANSORY Design & Holding GmbH, the well-known specialists for refining super-sports cars and designing luxury bodywork, presented their expressive modification to the Bentley Flying Spur at the 66th IAA International Motor Show.

As with all their cars, MANSORY pays special attention to precisely fitting components as well as individual design. The precisely coordinating details make the MANSORY refinement a real eye-catcher. Thanks to a re-designed front spoiler with daytime running lights developed in-house, and an extra-light carbon fiber bonnet, the Flying Spur makes a significantly beefier impression. Re-designed side skirts reinforce this striking visual appearance, and smooth the airflow between the axles. Along with the discreet rear spoiler, the new rear apron delivers additional down-force, and makes room for the four oval end-pipes on the throaty exhaust system.

As well as an outstanding sound, the MANSORY engineers attach a great deal of importance to a serious increase in performance: The six liter version hits 900 PS (662kW), once the MANSORY technology department optimize the turbocharger and the engine characteristics, and install a complete exhaust system right to the tail pipe. In contrast, the production model might seem almost under-powered at 625 PS (460kW). The stock maximum torque was 800 Newton meters , but MANSORY took the Bentley to a new level with 1.100 Newton meters, electronically limited, to avoid damage to the drive train. Also, it is a second faster from 0 to 100 km/h. From a standing start to a speed of 200, you only need 12.2 seconds. If you keep your foot on the gas, you will keep accelerating up to 340 km/h, compared to 320 km/h for the production model.

MANSORY offers a special wheel-tire combination in an exclusive design to handle the increased challenges involved with this enhanced-power Bentley. MANSORY gives the Flying Spur Vredestein ULTRAC VORTI R-tires size 295/30/R22 which ensure optimal grip. Also, MANSORY has lowered the car’s center of gravity by 30 mm with a modified air suspension module, which makes wheels sit even more squarely in the wheel arches.

Of course, MANSORY offers luxurious ambiance for the vehicle’s interior. The hand-crafted leather used for the seats and dashboard in the MANSORY interior offer extreme comfort, which is both extremely resilient and soft. Furthermore, MANSORY has re-designed the airbag sports steering wheel, the aluminum pedals, and the door sills.

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